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Hard Disk Data Recovery is a data recovery company located in Mumbai India, whose sole activity is the recovery of lost data from computers. We serve the entire Mumbai and work with all media types and operating systems. The data recovery services are performed mostly in our own laboratory and relatively affordable cost.

Making use of the clean room class-100 and efficient recovery software our experts make sure that maximum amount of data can be recovered from damaged media of any type.

If your drive has a problem like one of those listed below, call us TODAY for a free evaluation and price quote!

Hard Drive Recovery is considered necessary because ...
User Error - Hard Disk Data Recovery:

  • Your hard drive started clicking after being shocked or dropped.
  • Your hard drive was formatted and then you realized you need your data recovered.
  • The hard drive failed after a download was finished.
  • Data and music on your hard drive was lost after it was accidently dropped.
  • Your hard drive filled to capacity and you continued using it.
  • A partition was deleted by accident.
  • A users profile was removed accidently or intentionally.
  • You changed the disk format from dynamic to basic and your data got corrupted.

System Error - Hard Disk Data Recovery:
  • The hard drive was not recognized in your BIOS.
  • You were running RAID and your hard drive was infected with a virus.

Physical Error - Hard Disk Data Recovery:
  • A hurricane or weather disaster damaged, muddied or soaked your hard drive.
  • Your hard drive got wet due to a water pipe break.
  • Your facility had a fire and your computer burned.

Electrical Shock - Hard Disk Data Recovery:
  • The hard drive was plugged into your computer while your computer was on.
  • Your hard drive electronics short circuited.
Hard Disk Data Recovery takes every hard disk data recovery job seriously. Call us for immediate hard drive recovery help.(+91 80800 51550)
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